How To

Earning passive income as a GymZOOnasium Affiliate is easy!

Here’s a quick overview to help you get started and make the most of being a GymZOOnasium Affiliate…

Click the Affiliate URLs tab to find out your Referral URL.  Whenever you’re promoting GymZOOnasium, make sure to include your Referral URL link.  This link will take those who you refer to the GymZOOnasium website and will automatically allocate you the affiliate payments for each resulting new subscription.

You can also generate unique Referral URLs if you would like to track the outcomes of particular promotional campaigns or to direct people to a particular webpage – e.g. to send health professionals directly to the Explore (allied health professionals) page.  You can link to any of these web pages:

Don’t link to other GymZOOnasium pages, as those without a GymZOOnasium subscription won’t be able to view any of the logged-in sections of GymZOOnasium.

Ideas for promoting GymZOOnasium include:

  • Emailing your clients a referral to GymZOOnasium
  • Emails promoting GymZOOnasium to your clients, colleagues and networks
  • Including GymZOOnasium articles, links and Creatives in your newsletter
  • Including GymZOOnasium Creatives or links on your website &/or
  • Social media posts promoting GymZOOnasium (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more).

Please make sure your promotion of GymZOOnasium is consistent with our brand and values.

Click the Creatives tab to view creative designs you can use to promote GymZOOnasium.  We will continue adding more Creatives for you to use over time.  Please let us know if there are any specific Creatives you would like us to design and add for you.

Get started, and let us know if there’s any other assistance you need at all.

We’re here anytime to support your success as a GymZOOnasium Affiliate!


Kind regards,

Leanne Cordero

GymZOOnasium Founder