GymZOOnasium includes an ever-expanding library of fun, engaging exercise videos, AND much more!


  • Is ad-free, age-appropriate and completely safe for children
  • Is jam-packed with resources for teachers and families
  • Exercises purposefully planned and categorised by our team of Exercise Physiologists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, to support children to develop fundamental movement skills.
  • Teaches healthy skills for life. The program provides instruction, handouts and regular practice of each exercise, and learning about the importance of being physically active and how to warm up and cool down.

    Children gain the actual skills needed to be physically active any time, any place and without needing any equipment, and establish healthy habits for life.

  • Is inclusive for all children. You’ll be equipped with modifications, progressions and seated versions to tailor each exercise for individual children’s abilities
  • Is mapped to the Australian Curriculum and evidence-based
  • Engages children and their families to be physical active at school AND home
  • includes yoga, strength AND fitness all on one platform
  • Provides assessment tools and measurable outcomes

GymZOOnasium exercises and video sessions are designed to be able to do within most classrooms and homes.

For rooms with limited space, our video library enables you to easily search for sessions suitable to for a ’small space’.

GymZOOnasium has been designed for children aged 4 to 10, but children outside these ages (including us ‘young at heart’ adults) can also benefit.

  • Desktop or laptop computer by heading to our website
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If you wish to cancel your membership, simply visit your account page and click on the “cancel” membership link.


If you cancel your membership you will not be billed again.  However, you will retain your access to the GymZOOnasium site until your next renewal date at which point your access will cease.

We’ll be sorry to see you go and would appreciate any feedback you would care to leave us so we can improve our product and services.

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Yes.  All prices include 10% Australian G.S.T.

You will receive a tax invoice at the time of signup and upon the renewal of your subscription.

If you are administrator of a multi-subscription school account you will need to invite your users (teachers) setup their own account.

Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Complete this spreadsheet with details of the other staff to be included within the school’s GymZOOnasium membership. Don’t include your own details (as your login is already set up). Make sure the email addresses you enter are correct and that there’s not a space after their email address.
  2. Save the spreadsheet (making sure not to change the file type, as it needs to be kept as a CSV file).
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  4. Click on the “Subscriptions” Link

  5. Click the “Sub Accounts” Link

  6. Scroll down and click ‘Choose File’ and locate the .csv file saved on your computer.


  7. Double left click the CSV file you’ve saved, and then click ‘Upload CSV’.

If you are the administrator of a multi-user subscription, you can easily change which staff have access to your GymZOOnasium subscription at any time. Follow the steps below to do this:
  1. Login to Gymzoonasium and navigate to your account area (this is the icon of a ‘person with a lock’, in the top right corner of the header)
  2. Click on the “Subscriptions” Link
  3. Click the “Sub Accounts” Link
Then you can:
  • Remove a user by clicking ‘Remove’ beside their name
  • Add new users by entering just the new users’ details into a new CSV spreadsheet and upload the CSV file as per the instructions above. Don’t include existing users in the spreadsheet.
  • Change the number of users (i.e. your GymZOOnasium package). You can change you package anytime and the subscription cost will automatically update pro-rata. To change your package:
    1. Click ‘Subscriptions’
    2. Click ‘Change Plan’
    3. Click the downward arrow, select the GymZOOnasium package that suits best, and click ‘Select Plan’
    4. Complete any empty fields, check the checkboxes, and click ‘Sign Up’

Yoga originated in ancient India.  Today, there are many styles of yoga, and yoga can mean different things to different people.

For some people, yoga can be a spiritual practice, involving chanting and sanskrit (the ancient Hindu language that’s used to name traditional yoga poses).

GymZOOnasium’s yoga sessions are free from chanting, Sanskrit and spiritual messages.  Our yoga movements have fun animal names that children relate to and find easy to remember.

GymZOOnasium yoga sessions are filled with calming and empowering animal-themed stretches, balance poses, breathing exercises and mindfulness meditations.

Our yoga sessions are all about helping children to release tension, feel calmer, improve their body awareness, and develop a healthy body and healthy mind.