GymZOOnasium is an evidence-based program that supports your students to improve physically, thrive mentally and excel academically.


Academic Performance Benefits
The more physically active schoolchildren are, the better they do academically [50]. Academic performance is found to be maintained or increased when normal academic classes are reduced and replaced by an increase in exercise, physical activity, or physical education. [19, 28, 47, 51]
The Downside to Inactivity
Inactivity negatively impacts brain health and executive control, and impacts on teachers and students via disruptive behaviour, fidgeting, impulsivity, and distraction. [26, 27,48]
So Much Sitting
Primary school children are now spending 70% of class time sitting [4, 5, 36]. There is a huge potential up-side for schools that commit to breaking up and reducing the time children spend sitting at school and increasing their physical activity levels. [4]
Boost in Academic Results
The average academic achievement of children who have access to additional physical activities is significantly higher than those who do not. [3, 9]
Benefits of Classroom Based Activity
Classroom-based physical activity interventions provide a low-cost and effective strategy to increase academic-related outcomes. [58]
Support for a Growing Body
Regular physical activity supports children’s brain development, bone strength, muscle control, balance, coordination, healthy weight, sleep patterns, concentration, self-esteem, body image, social skills, relationships, resilience and confidence, and reduces depression and anxiety. [21, 23, 34, 49]
School is the Best Place
Schools are the most strategic and practical place for students to learn about and practice being physically active [14]. Classroom physical activity is needed in addition to PE classes and recess. [14]
Make Brain Breaks Physical
Physically active brain breaks are very beneficial for students’ emotional regulation, attentiveness, focus, stress levels, cognitive/mental functioning, memory, and learning capacity. [4, 14, 22]
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GymZOOnasium meets this need for classroom physical activity! We empower teachers by equipping them with a program that meets children’s need for…


Improves health, impulsivity, mood, anxiety, unproductive and disruptive behaviour, attention span, purposeless wandering, brain processing speed and working memory.[7, 10, 15, 44, 48, 55]


Movement and music are effective in-class strategies for improving students’ self-regulation, behaviour, function and participation.[6, 18, 35, 52, 57, 62]


Improves children’s physical and psychosocial development, cognitive function, and academic abilities in language, reading, and mathematics.
[46, 53, 59]


Coordination exercises improve attention, working memory, memory skills, academic achievement and cognitive function.
[11, 17, 24]


Improves abilities in self-care, emergent writing, handwriting proficiency, and cognitive development.
[12, 13, 26, 32, 45, 54, 64]


Strengthens the connection between mind and body, which results in a more productive and successful school day. [42]


Improves coordination, resilience, mental health, sports performance and injury risk. [23]


Positively impact students’ attention, planning, and emotional control. [25, 39]

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