GymZOOnasium User Guide

Welcome to GymZOOnasium!

The below tutorial videos will make you a pro in all things GymZOOnasium and only take a total of 5 minutes to complete!

You can access this tutorial anytime by clicking on User Guide on the Main Stage

*All of the areas described below can be accessed from the navigation menu at the top of your screen (see image below).

GZ Nav menu
Main Stage

Main Stage: This is our “Movement of the Week” venue. The Main Stage has been designed to make GymZOOnasium quick and simple for teachers to run a daily session and students to make progress with specific movements each week.

In this section you will find a daily session which generally runs between 4-5 minutes as well as a student handout which corresponds with the movement of the week.


Sessions – Enjoy interactive exercise, yoga and meditation sessions to match your classrooms specific needs.

This area is incredibly easy to navigate and find a video that is perfect for your classroom.


The Z00: In the ZOO you can quickly and easily find animal-themed movements to match specific needs of individual students or needs of your entire classroom.

You will find plenty of helpful info for each movement including uses, technique tips, modifications, progressions, and multi-sensory suggestions.

Teachers Lounge

 Teachers Lounge – Here you will find lots of great resources for teachers such as curriculum mapping, learning activities, progress journals for your students, certificates and much more. 


GymZOOlympics: Here, we will guide you through how to measure each student’s achievements and progress over time.

At your fingertips in the section are all the tools you need including a facilitator guide, warm-up and cool down videos, achievement sheets, certificates and a goal setting journal. 

The GymZOOnasium Way

GymZOOnasium is a purpose built and evidence based program that your students will love.

Watch this video to learn a bit about the GymZOOnasium Way and how we are different!